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Frequently Asked
How Does Rho Psi Eta Give Back?

          Community service is one of our main three pillars, and active participation in it is a requirement for our sisters. We pride ourselves on the fact that the girls of Rho Psi Eta are involved with a myriad of volunteer organizations, from animal shelters to hospice homes. 

          As a group, we hold an annual philanthropy event which benefits Operation Smile, an organization that helps fund necessary surgeries for cleft lips and palates for children in need. We’ve also been working with a Safety Matters Certified Training group since 2012 to host annual CPR certification events on campus each year at which students can learn CPR for free. Additionally, we organize a health panel every fall which any UCSB pre-health student can attend to listen to and learn from a variety of accomplished professionals on their achievements and advice. 

What Does It Mean To Be A Sister Of Rho Psi Eta?

          Sisterhood means many things to us. What do we expect of you as a sister? Logistically, beyond volunteering individually and joining us for our campus-wide events, Rho Psi Eta sisters are required to participate in CPR + First Aid certifications and a certain number of study hours. You’ll be expected at weekly meetings as well as at fundraising, sisterhood, and social events. We also require a minimum cumulative/quarter GPA of 2.75. 

          What should you expect to gain from us as a sister? You’ll learn tons about the healthcare field. You’ll be exposed to detailed information regarding health professions through speakers at our weekly meetings. You’ll gain a group of enthusiastic, caring women who will support you in achieving your goals. 

How Can I Bring Rho Psi Eta To My School?
          If you are interested in starting a new chapter of Rho Psi Eta on your university campus, please check out the "RECRUITMENT" tab above for more information!
If you have any other questions feel free to contact us!
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