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Greetings from the President
Hello & welcome to the website for the Alpha Chapter of Rho Psi Eta! 
Mia Celestin
President, 2022-2023 

Hello all and welcome to Rho Psi Eta’s official website!


Thank you for your interest in our sorority! Rho Psi Eta is the only pre-health sorority on campus founded in 2007. Rho Psi Eta is a group of diverse and passionate women with many different majors and interests. We strive to uphold our three pillars, community service, sisterhood, and academic integrity. By doing this we hope to establish a welcoming and empowering environment for all of our sisters. 


Aside from being involved in our sorority, our sisters are incredibly involved around campus from research assistants, personal trainers, to leaders of other orgs. We are proud to say that our sisters have a wide range of interests and are always happy and willing to share all about their experiences. Our alumni are also extremely impressive, from doctors and dentists to lawyers and mothers we can proudly say that Rho Psi Eta is a host for a wide and diverse array of people. 


I joined Rho Psi Eta in my first year of college and I can proudly say that it has shaped me into the person I am today, and this year it is truly an honor to serve as president. This sorority not only provided a space for me to grow academically but it also gave me the opportunity and comfort of using my voice and growing in my confidence. I am and forever will be extremely grateful for my time in this sorority and I can only hope that others can experience this as well. 


If you are interested in becoming a member of Rho Psi Eta and have any questions about it or our rush process please reach out to me or any of our sisters! Also, feel free to follow us on Instagram @rhopsietaucsb and Facebook!

Officers 2022-2023 

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