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Sister of the Year

Midory Ibanez


"Joining Rho Psi was definitely one of the best decisions I made in college. The friendships I've forged through the sorority have shaped my college experience for the better. They've helped

Class of 2019

Mu Class

Psychological and Brain Sciences

Sister of the Year 2018-19


me grow, learn, and enjoy everything that comes my way. Some of the best memories I've had at college have been hanging out and stuDYING with Rho Psi girls in the library. I'll always be thankful for all the love and laughter Rho Psi has brought to my life. After graduation, I hope to earn my Masters in social work and offer counseling

services to survivors of interpersonal violence. Additionally, I plan on traveling to Peru and Costa Rica in the near future. I am so honored to be this year's Sister of the Year and I'm so happy I could've helped the people that nominated me for sister of the week."


When I met Midory,

I knew that I had met someone who I could call or text at any moment in my life and she would answer. She cares deeply for the people that are in her life and you can see that from the matriarch that she became in Rho Psi. There is no doubt in my mind that Midory is going to go out into the world and do amazing things but she will be my sister of the year for buying me garlic bread on a Friday night.

- Abbie Ibanez

Xi Class



Midory Ibanez

is the friend that everyone needs in their life. She’s a constant support and is always there for her people. She is the most badass person that will thrive and save the babies of the future.

- Wendy Garcia

Nu Class



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